Sunday, May 2, 2010

Weather Is Not Cooperating!

Plan was to do a long run and do a brick this weekend...mother nature saw to it that this did not happen!



I managed to get in a short workout both days, but I can't help be feel like I'm a little behind now. One more week to make it up before race week. Workout details below. But first, here's some pictures of last weekend's miniMarathon.

This is what I look like in an all-out sprint to the finish line!

1 mile warm-up (7:49)
6 x 1/2 mile intervals with 30 seconds rest between each (done on indoor track at the gym)
1) 3:28 (Avg HR = 162)
2) 3:33 (164)
3) 3:36 (163)
4) 3:45 (166)
5) 3:52 (166)
6) 3:43 (168)
1 mile cool-down (8:27)
Total Workout: 5.0 miles in 44:43

4.06 miles in 30:20 (7:28 min/mile pace) - just a little quick run in between downpours!!

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